Monday, April 13, 2009

As Time Goes By - Quietly!

Today is March 5th 2009.

It is now four calender months (seventeen weeks) since the appointment with the oracle Lightman. (See:'The Missing Link.)

That appointment with Stafford Lightman was supposed to be Hari's passport to diagnosis.
People within UBHT/University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust had informed us that Hari's problems were within his field and that he would investigate it. Indeed the trust assured us and the Healthcare Commission that this appointment was important in order to get an endocrine opinion on this issue.

Of course the oracle Lightman professed to have no idea at all of what the problem was. He insisted that he would consult with colleagues to find somebody who was interested and that we would hear from him.

So what have we heard?

Precisely nothing!

No telephone call.
No letter.
No investigations.
No diagnosis.

It seems to us, as indeed it would to any sane person with a modicum of intelligence, that all the time effort and expense which the trust have invested in ignoring Hari's needs, discussing her at meetings, forcing the issue to be taken to the Healthcare Commission, 'losing' medical records etc., would have been better directed in providing Hari with the diagnosis which they know she needs- something they could and should have done over a year ago.

So time, money and resources have been liberally used not on patient need and health care as we would expect - but on deliberately preventing the diagnosis of the undiagnosed.

And they actually pay people from public funds to do this!

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