Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Proposals Are Rejected By The Health Trust.

On October 27th 2008 Sue Jones wrote to me again.

The letter stated: '...we are not likely to be able to progress local resolution of your complaint.'
So she was rejecting the reasonable and appropriate proposals that we had made. We cannot understand why. It is clearly obvious that our proposals are the safest and most appropriate plan for Hari's immediate health care needs.

However, we were not surprised by the content of the letter - Ian Howe had already told me that this rejection was the case.

Sue Jones suggested in her letter that: '...the best course of action is now to pursue the independent review.'
Well - we had already made that particular decision!

The original complaint was referred to the Healthcare Commission in April 2008 - and it had taken over six months to get to the point where the independent review would actually go ahead.

I had mentioned in the original complaint that the matter was urgent!

What also concerns us about the content of the letter is that Sue Jones stated that she had: '...addressed the concerns you have expressed with Anne Berry, Discharge Manager and Ian Hough [sic] from the Healthcare Commission.'

Now then - ignore Anne Berry's title of 'Discharge Manager' - she's a nurse.

Did Sue Jones not address our proposals with any real managers?
Did Sue Jones not address our proposals with Michele Narey or Geraldine Johnston?
Did Sue Jones not address our proposals with the Medical Director or the Chief Executive?

More on Sue Jones's letter later!

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