Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Baum Years. Part One.

Never speak ill of the dead!

However, I will speak the truth - which is no more or less than David Baum would have expected, wanted or appreciated.

David Baum became Hari's consultant when it had become clear that remaining under the care of Peter Fleming was not in Hari's best interests.

So the Baum years began on a better footing than we had previously experienced. David Baum appeared to have qualities far in excess of those we had previously encountered. He listened calmly to concerns and did not have the pompous, egotistical and dismissive attitude that other doctors had displayed.

I felt that Hari had better opportunities and respect as a human being than had previously been afforded to her.

The regular screening of her platelet levels was still not available - but David Baum assured me that the levels would be checked if there was any cause for concern. He listened to my concerns about her lack of growth and decided to contact the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for children in London to get some details of her care there. He commented that the consultant there, Martin Savage, was a friend of his. Maybe we should have taken a little warning from this immediately - although it was a fact filed for future reference!

Overall I was a little more relaxed about Hari's standard of health care. David Baum continued as her consultant for some years - the Baum years will expand throughout the blog!

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