Monday, April 13, 2009

Back To The Baby Ward - Part Two.

During this admission I once again found myself being harassed by a medical social worker. This one would turn up regularly and after a while I became concerned about her level of interest.

There was a supervised playroom at the hospital and my eldest daughter loved to go down there for a couple of hours. When I took her down there, or went to collect her, I would usually take one of the twins with me - it was a break from the cubicle for them (Those cubicles were totally unsuitable environments for babies!) and I would show them the pictures on the walls of the corridors as we went. (As you do!)

All of a sudden I was informed that I was not to take Hari off the ward again and that if I did so 'they' would apply to the courts for a place of safety order.

I was shocked!

I had done nothing wrong at all. I had simply walked down the corridor with my baby - is that a crime? Other parents would take their babies off the ward so I couldn't understand why I was being told not to - especially as the threat did not extend to Hari's twin sister. What possible reason was there to take this stance? Naturally I asked for an explanation as to why this had been decided but everybody involved refused to explain. Apparently it was perfectly acceptable to threaten parents in this way without giving them any explanation of exactly what they were being accused of!

To this day I have never received either an explanation or an apology for this ridiculous and unjustified threat.

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