Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pretentious Priorities Part Three.

During this admission we experienced yet another strange episode with regard to attitudes from the medical staff.

There is generally a certain arrogance from registrars - maybe because they let the slight elevation from bottom of the **** pile go to their heads!

Early on during the admission Alan Emond arrived at Hari's bed and proceeded to harangue me about the fact that we had not waited the full three and a half hours to be seen at the recent outpatient appointment. His attitude was that this was somehow connected with the admission and he told me that if we had waited (even longer than we had done - and that was more than long enough!) to be seen, then this latest admission would have been avoided. So according to Alan Emond it was my fault that Hari had become so ill, so suddenly - the pattern was continuing!

I laughed at him and informed him that as she had been so well prior to this sudden illness there was no way that David Baum would have been able to predict this illness just from seeing her in outpatients.

I laughed even louder when David Baum arrived on the ward and apologised for having made us wait so long at the outpatients appointment! Clearly he didn't share the opinion of his registrar!

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