Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Letter From Geraldine Johnston.

At the beginning of the meeting on June 19th 2008 I was told by Geraldine Johnston that I would receive a copy of the notes being taken - this never happened. What I did receive was a letter from Geraldine Johnston which summarised her stance on the meeting and some of the issues involved in the original complaint.

Her stance simply reiterated her policy on some of the issues which had necessitated the complaint in the first place, whilst failing to address other issues at all.

Further deceit emerged in the letter due to her claim that '...general wards do not have mixed sex gender...'.

This is contrary to what we had witnessed when we were taken to see the ward that Hari 'would be admitted to'. Although there appeared to be separate bays for male and female, the ward was very definitely mixed sex.

With regard to the undiagnosed problem and the lack of investigation, Geraldine Johnston claimed in her letter that I did not want Tom Hilliard or Judith Armstrong present to '...discuss these issues further.'.

The fact that we did not want Tom Hilliard of Judith Armstrong present was not, in any way, a reason to prevent discussion of these issues. Their presence was not necessary in order to discuss the fact that an undiagnosed problem exists and that it should be investigated and diagnosed.

Prior to the meeting I had stressed to Michele Narey that this was the main issue. During the meeting my attempts to instigate discussion on this were obstructed, preventing any in depth consideration of the issue.

The letter also states that this could be assessed under the adult endocrine team. There seems to be a blinkered emphasis on this issue belonging to 'adult endocrine' - which is strange for something which may not actually be endocrine in origin.

More on the endocrine link later!

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