Monday, April 13, 2009

Back To The Future Part Two. The Link Is Still Missing!

So whilst we've been waiting for buearocratic processes, we received yet another appointment to see the Oracle Lightman.

Remember him?

Mr. Second Opinion.

He was the one who was supposed to diagnose the undiagnosed. (According to all the other doctors and managers involved in this ongoing farce.)

Remember that seeing him is not a transfer of care - we are seeing him solely for a second opinion regarding the undiagnosed problem. (And we have that in writing!)

So when we saw him in Novemeber he told us that he would consult with his colleagues and that we would be hearing from him.

We didn't hold our breath - that would have been fatal!!!!

We heard nothing except for the appointment letter for yesterday. (12th August. 2009)

So after waiting nine months more there had been no activity or contact to arrange investigations and diagnosis.

Yesterday we attended this second appointment for two reasons.

1) To protect ourselves from further harrassment, bullying and false allegations.

2) Because there was always the outside chance that this was the promised contact with regards to diagnosis.

Well - it was only an outside chance!

Apparently he has contacted other people and he is soooooooooooooo dissapointed that they haven't contacted us.

He actually expects us to believe that!

So we have waited patiently for nothing.

Apparently he is going to contact other people regarding the required diagnosis.

Where had we heard that before?

We don't believe it this time either!

There is something that we do believe.

We hold a firm opinion that 'they' all know exactly what the undiagnosed problem is, but 'they' are deliberately refusing to diagnose it for 'their' own unethical reasons.

What we do not understand is how anybody can be so cruel as to deliberately continue this ridiculous farce. Deliberately targetting a defenceless young woman who's only apparent crime is to continue breathing.

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