Monday, April 13, 2009

Idiotic Little Gods.

Around this time I decided that, as there was nothing more than repeated refusals to investigate Hari's lack of growth, the best course of action was to make a complaint.

This was before the complaints systems that are currently in place, but I was offered a meeting with Peter Fleming and the hospital manager Marian Stoneham.

At that time the NHS ran along the lines of all doctors being Gods. (Even when they were total shits who were a danger to their patients!) Managers had no control at all over the actions of doctors who were failing their patients - indeed this was proved to be all too much the case in Bristol when the failings of the cardiac team came to light!

The meeting was a total waste of time. Peter Fleming refused to admit that there was a medical reason for Hari's lack of growth or to instigate any tests or investigations to discover the cause. Marian Stoneham appeared to have no power to address to problem at all - doctors were gods and could not be ordered by managers to do their jobs properly!

Sometimes you have to wonder if these people would accept this kind of situation for members of their own family - actually I don't wonder about it - I know that they wouldn't! So why do they expect other people to accept this type of appalling, discriminatory and deliberately negligent treatment.

What I do wonder - is how they sleep at night!

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