Monday, April 13, 2009

What's In A Name - Or Term Of Reference?

In the posting 'A Happy Anniversary' we made much use of the word 'they'.

Some of you may be wondering why we didn't name people instead of typing 'they'.

Well there is some dispute and a little subterfuge as to the identity of 'they'.

You see doctors have used the term 'they' when talking about the issue of Hari's health care.
Also nurses and other staff have used the term 'they' when talking about Hari's health care.
Indeed management have used the term 'they' when talking about Hari's health care.
But nobody ever volunteers information about who 'they' are - and we have asked!
We just hear things like 'admissions will need to be in Childrens even if 'they' don't like it' .

So who might 'they' be?

Could 'they' be individual doctors?
Could 'they' be individual nurses?
Could 'they' be individual managers?
Could 'they' be the transition group who have discussed Hari but not even bothered to ask her opinion on the subject?
Could 'they' include individuals who's only interest is their CV?

Geraldine Johnston stated in her letter, of June 24th 2008, that 'she' could not agree to Hari being admitted to the Children's hospital but in all fairness, Geraldine Johnston is not 'they' she is 'she'.

She = singular.
They = plural.

So references to 'they' are made in reference to more than one person.

The funny thing is that 'they' really think that we don't know!

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