Monday, April 13, 2009

Back To The Future - Part One,

We'll just take a quick break from the historical and return to the present.

The postman delivered another envelope this morning that was clearly from UBHT/University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust.

Opening it was not too ominous a task as we could tell from the details in the window of the envelope that it was an appointment.

They have sent Hari an appointment to see the Oracle Lightman in August.

A little revision reminds us that it was the Oracle Lightman who was, according to everybody else, supposed to ascertain a diagnosis for the undiagnosed. When we saw him in November 2008 he claimed that it wasn't his specialty, that he would consult with colleagues and that we would definitely hear from him.

In a few days time it will be five calendar months or twenty-two weeks since that appointment and still we have heard nothing at all on this important issue.

The appointment for August is over four months away so obviously this is not about the undiagnosed problem, it is about transfer of care to the adult hospital.

So this confirms what we already knew - nobody is doing anything at all to further Hari's chances of a diagnosis for the undiagnosed.

When Hari was discharged as an in-patient from the children's hospital at the end of January 2008 I expressed my concern that once she left the building nobody would give another thought to the undiagnosed problem. Clearly I was right -

nothing new there then!!!!!

Tom Hilliard insisted that Liz Crowne would deal with it.
Liz Crowne insisted that Stafford Lightman would deal with it.
Geraldine Johnston insisted it would be dealt with in the adult hospital.
(Judith Armstrong and Anne Berry did what they are good at!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Some doctors are clearly being prevented from doing their jobs properly.

We believe that UBHT/University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust has made a deliberate decision to withhold the diagnosis. They have done this to Hari before. We strongly suspect that, as before, 'they' know exactly what the problem is but are refusing to give us this information. If 'they' were acting in Hari's best interests then this problem would have been investigated and diagnosed a long time ago.

Are 'they' still hoping that Hari will present 'them' with an emergency so that 'they' can continue with 'their' ridiculous little game?

We wonder if 'they' are holding 'their' breath in anticipation! We do so hope that 'they' are getting the required enjoyment from this infantile and pathetic venture!

We believe that 'their' actions are deliberate.
We believe that 'their' actions are discriminatory.
We believe that 'their' actions are despicable.

But so long as 'their' egos are intact and 'their' over-inflated salaries (which would be better spent on patients!) arrive in 'their' bank accounts each month, we don't suppose that 'they' are in the slightest bit bothered!

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