Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Complaint Goes Back To The Healthcare Commission.

Following the meeting on June19th 2008 and the subsequent letter from Geraldine Johnston, we returned the complaint to the Healthcare Commission.

Further points from the meeting and the letter from Geraldine Johnston were raised and highlighted.

So - after cooperating with the Healthcare Commission request to attempt local resolution, we were back to square one.

The complaint had been referred back to the trust for local resolution on May 7th 2008. So in over two months the matter had moved no further forward. That time would have been better utilised in investigating and diagnosing the undiagnosed!

Hari was still without appropriate or safe health care beyond the limited scope of the GPs.
Hari still had no diagnosis for a very real medical condition. A condition that can adversely effect her life and could be degenerating.
Other issues from the original complaint had still not been addressed.

Maybe 'square one' is not the right phrase.

Further events, such as Social Services and Adult Protection being used as a threat, had occurred; making the whole situation worse. This reflected the fact that the trust's obsession with apportioning blame to me was being given a higher priority than their duty to address Hari's medical needs.

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