Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More About Anne Berry!

I promised you more about Anne Berry!

Anne Berry claimed that the Healthcare Commission (who are supposed to help us resolve our complaint) had requested that she refer us to Adult Protection.

She made this claim at the meeting on June 19th 2008. I was about to point out that the Healthcare Commission would be happy to take the case back on if it wasn't resolved locally; I got as far as "The Healthcare Commission..." when Anne Berry interrupted, preventing me from continuing, announcing that the Healthcare Commission had asked her to refer us to Adult Protection.

I'm a little confused about this claim.

I have copies of some internal e-mails between staff at the Healthcare Commission, one of which clearly states:
'...we are not in a position to advise on what action the trust's safeguarding lead should take, as this is outside both our remit and expertise.'

The e-mail is dated May 21st 2008.

As a result of this claim I telephoned the Healthcare Commission and eventually spoke to a manager by the name of Andy Lang. Andy assured me that the Healthcare Commission had not asked Anne Berry to make such a referral.

So it seems that SOMEBODY isn't telling the truth.


What Anne Berry had actually done, before the meeting, was to write to our GP on June 12th 2008, asking them to refer us to Adult Protection - specifically requesting an adult protection review. It seems that her concerns regarding Hari's safety include the fact that I am sometimes selfish enough to sleep and the fact that I do not give Hari the pre-prepared nutritional feeds.

Now these are the same feeds that worsen the symptoms of Hari's undiagnosed problem and cause her pain - but Anne Berry neglected to mention this fact in her letter!

Of course one of the GPs was actually fool enough to make the referral!

John Reid recorded in Hari's notes on June 24th 2008 that he had made the referral to Social Services, alleging that Hari was a vulnerable adult not attending appointments.


Hari had no appointments to attend!

Remember the facts - she had been discharged from paediatrics and no follow up had been arranged!

More on mysterious appointments later!

So, without even bothering to check out the facts and without even having the decency to pick up the phone and ask us what was going on, John Reid made a referral to Adult Protection based on fabrications and deliberate inaccuracies.

So it seems that Anne Berry had successfully manipulated somebody else into making the referral that she knew was unjustified.

That's her back covered then - NOT!

Even more on Anne Berry at a later point!

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