Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Little Information - Not A Lot!

Wonders will never cease!

At last the Healthcare Commission have received some of the documents which they requested from UBHT / University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust.

Only some!

It seems that UBHT / University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust has managed to send a copy of the complaint file. This file cannot exactly be large and so can't have taken much in the way of effort to copy and send!

They have not sent the requested copies of Hari's medical notes. Apparently they are still photocopying them. Admittedly the notes are quite thick but they have already had adequate time in which to copy and send them.

We don't understand why this is taking so long.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

You have to wonder what's in the notes that they don't want the Healthcare Commission to see!
December 14, 2008 9:19 AM
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BloomingPouf said...

Why is it taking so long for the Medical Notes to get to the Health Care Commission?

Some possible reasons;

1. someone gave the photocopier Horlicks and it's sleeping it off.

2. Someone is giving the photocopier operator Horlicks and they are sleeping it off!

3. someone gave the photocopier and the operator Horlicks and both are sleeping it off!

4. Someone forget to order paper and or toner and no one noticed!

5. The Hospital Trust suddenly discovered that no one had been trained to use the photocopier and as so had to arrange training for all employees which had to go to compulsory competitive tendering and the Board had to have oversight and some Cronyism, so that a member's, brother's, maiden aunt's sister's, nephew got the contract to provide the training!

6 The dog ate them!

7... fill in the blank with the most imaginative excuse that can be provided!

8... someone doe not want the truth to out!

I have to say that my betting is on option 6.

What I'm wondering about is why the Health Care Commission are not asking these questions of the trust?

Perhaps someone at their end is knocking back the Horlicks too!

January 8, 2009 2:49 PM
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