Monday, April 13, 2009

A Small But Interesting Encounter!

When the twins were in the Children's Hospital on that first occasion an interesting event occurred.

The canteen was in the basement of the Maternity Hospital across the road and within a day or so of being there I was just walking into the canteen to get some lunch when I heard a familiar voice behind me.

"What are you doing back?" the voice announced loudly "We KNEW something would happen with Hari!"

I turned around and there she was!

The midwife who had been the ringleader of the orchestrated bullying campaign on the ward we had been on in the Maternity Hospital!

I took great pleasure in putting her in her place (by this time I was learning fast!) and informing her that it was not Hari who had initially been admitted but her twin sister - with an infection that had not been formally identified at that point.

She didn't have any answer to that and the other nurses who were with her were desperately trying hide the fact that they were extremely amused at how stupid she looked at that moment!

However, this incident does raise an interesting point.

Exactly what was it that they KNEW would happen, what had they been expecting to happen and why?

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