Monday, April 13, 2009

Unprofessional Priorities!

A retrospective view at that point sums up the situation we had arrived at.

The whole attitude around Hari and her health care was totally unsatisfactory.

It was really strange - obvious health concerns were either ignored completely or plans were changed with no attempt to consult us about it.

It was as if Hari was the property of the hospital and THEY would decree what should happen to her - which with their attitude regarding the worth of disabled children was quite a scary prospect!

Hari had, and has, as much right as the next person to a high standard of health care - but this fact seemed to have escaped their notice!

Thinking back to when she was in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in London, there was an incident one night that served as a warning of the level of control these people believed that they should have over her life. Late one evening I was trying to get to sleep on the regulation mattress on the floor beside Hari's bed, when the door opened slightly. One of the senior lesser Gods was leading a troupe of junior lesser gods on a late round - he decided not to drag them all into the room as he thought I was asleep. He then proceeded to explain Hari's 'situation' to them. Had he realised that I was awake he may have been a little less vociferous in his tutition!

Apparently they had decided that they were simply doing what was necessary to take the same stance as Bristol! They had NO intention of identifying the cause of Hari's failure to grow - just to go through the motions, pretending to make some effort, their only real intention was to back up the various gods in Bristol.

Misplaced professional loyalty was obviously far more important than the needs of the patient!

Nice to see they'd planned their priorities with such care!

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