Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life Just Gets Better And Better!

Prior to the improvements in Hari's health that came about as a result of changing her diet, life could be more than a little restricted. Hari often could not cope with being around too many people or sitting for long periods and the pain levels were unpredictable. We couldn't do the things we were used to doing and certainly couldn't have contemplated going to the theatre or cinema. So we hadn't been to the theatre or cinema for over five years........

UNTIL TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Late last year I read that the film 'The Reader' was being released this month. Having read the book a few years ago I was desperate to see the film and didn't want to have to wait for the DVD release. So - it was now or never - was Hari going to manage sitting through a two hour film? OK - I knew that she would but after the way things have been for the last five years, I can be excused having a few reservations and being concerned that we might be rushing things.

Off we went to try out a wonderful, new, accessible cinema and it was heaven! The film was amazing! We really are getting our lives back at last. The only problem was that the heating didn't seem to be too efficient so eventually we resorted to snuggling up in my seat together - with Hari's quilt wrapped round us!

It really is time that doctors gave some consideration to how their actions (0r lack of them!) can adversely effect people's lives - if any of them had bothered listening over the last five years our lives wouldn't have been so restricted.

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In all my years, I only ever met TWO consultants that had any listening skills.
January 15, 2009 3:23 AM
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