Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A few thoughts on yet another little loose end.

I did promise you more about weighing and blood tests!

This time last year our nightmare was just beginning. Hari was admitted to hospital on January 15th 2008- and all our problems were about to start.

Remember that during her admission Ben Marsh gave his Oscar winning performance which included an insistence that Hari should attend the GP on a weekly basis to be weighed and have blood tests. ( See 'Patients of the lesser gods'.) There was no explanation of why this was needed.
During and just after the admission other people wittered pointlessly on about the importance of this plan - weekly weights and blood tests were insisted upon but nobody explained why - such are their communication skills!

I have commented earlier that the GPs have never requested that Hari be weighed or have blood tests - they have our address, phone numbers and e-mail address but have never bothered to contact us about any arrangements for this.

Then consider the face to face contacts.

Refer back to 'The Missing Link' and 'The Computer Says Yes!' - both of which detail 'jump through hoops' appointments at hospitals which were of no real use to Hari - they simply served to try and make the trust look good as the independent review by the Healthcare Commission was going ahead.

So we attended both appointments.

At neither appointment was Hari weighed.

At neither appointment did anyone suggest any blood tests.

That must have been really important and necessary then!

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Josie-Lou said...

Josie-Lou said...
You would think they would have taken the opportunity to take bloods at the very least - if they were in the slightest bit concerned about Hari - so maybe not!
January 16, 2009 1:40 PM
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