Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Computer Says Yes!

When Hari was evicted from paediatrics, with no follow up, we assumed that her cardiac outpatients appointment for today ( December 10th 2008) had been cancelled.

Surprisingly, a few weeks ago their computer decided to send us a reminder for this appointment.

So whatever else is happening- the computer says yes!

We realised that whatever we did regarding this appointment, whether we attended or not, we would be wrong. Clearly we would be wrong not to attend but if we attended then no doubt that would also be wrong and somebody would be bound to say so. We really didn't want to travel there only to be turned away.

So the status of the appointment was queried. The physiotherapist contacted Michele Narey who apparently conferred with another manager. The resulting response was that we should attend for this appointment but there would be discussion about transition to the adult hospital.

We have a theory!

Did somebody forget to tell the computer that the appointment was cancelled?

Obviously to tell us not to attend at such a late stage and with no alternative having been arranged, would reflect badly on the trust - although it's a bit late to avoid that reflection really!
So we seem to have been required to jump through hoops yet again, just to protect the image of the trust.

Hari was seen by Beverly Tsai-Goodman, who informed us that she was under strict instructions from management to transfer Hari's cardiac care to the adult hospital. She said that she had guidelines to follow although she did agree that appropriate health care for Hari would be in a paediatric ward.

So this decision rests, not with doctors who have appropriate medical knowledge and experience of Hari but with managers and those who compile the guidelines.

Guidelines, of course, take no account of the individual and fail to consider patient need.

No surprises there then!


Anonymous said...

The computer seems to be much more intelligent than the managers!
How can managers dictate the health care of an individual when doctors disagree with the managers?
December 11, 2008 2:42 PM
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BloomingPouf said...

Computers are just Dumb Automata.... and managers, who assume that they are in fact intelligent, forget this art their peril!

When a tangled web of management intrigue starts up they have to keep those in the know very small! Otherwise the risk the wrath of the whistle blower. As such the Computer is often the friend of the disgruntled and even abused NHS patient! The managers may be able to plot and plan... but when they have to get appointments cancelled.... changed... generally messed about with... well they run up against their own Data Protection Policies. The Managers have to get those with correct access to collude in making changes!... and that is always more complex than they think.

Bravo to Babbage and the dumb machine!

.... I have to wonder what else is hidden within the Dumb Computer... and what it would spit out in response to a Subject Access Request Under Section 7 of The Data Protection Act 1998?

January 8, 2009 2:30 PM
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