Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Happy Anniversary?

Today is February the 7th 2009.

This is yet another significant date.

It is a year today since Hari was officially evicted from paediatric care within UBHT/University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. So it is a year today since 'they' began preventing Hari from accessing any safe, appropriate and useful health care.

What have 'they' achieved during that year?'

They' have successfully prevented Hari from getting her undiagnosed problem diagnosed.
'They' have ensured that Hari will have no safe and/or appropriate health care if an emergency should arise.
In doing this 'they' have ignored all the risks that this poses.
'They' have attempted to bully us into accepting a plan, that cannot meet Hari's needs, by using Social Services and 'Adult Protection' as a threat.
'They' have engineered deliberate delays in the complaints processes; delaying the work of the Healthcare Commission and prolonging the time that Hari is without safe and appropriate health care - obviously delaying the possibility of diagnosis even further.
'They' have 'lost' Hari's medical notes - knowing that this was causing further delays in the work of the Healthcare Commission and with no concern for the effect these delays could have on Hari's health.

Anyone would think that 'they' don't want Hari to get a diagnosis for the undiagnosed!

'They' have prevented medical staff from speaking out, from speaking the truth and from doing what is right for Hari.

We wonder if 'they' are happy with 'their' achievements during this year and if 'they' feel that 'they' have cause to celebrate this anniversary?

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