Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Fountain (Or A Metric Measure) Of Laughter!

Whilst we're on the subject of Alan Emond (and we are!) - there was another incident that caused great hilarity.

Hari was still not growing as she should have done and the game of accusing me of not feeding her enough, instead of taking the trouble to diagnose what was clearly a medical problem, continued.

During one admission Alan Emond's attitude centred around Hari's fluid intake and he insisted that she should drink a daily amount that was far more than she could reasonably be expected to manage. Even the Sister on the ward agreed that it was ridiculous to expect somebody so small to drink that much - and that particular Sister was not renowned for disagreeing with doctors!

When Hari was discharged Alan Emond gave me strict instructions that if Hari did not drink this ludicrous amount over twenty-four hours I should bring her to A&E as he would want to see her. I did point out to him that this would mean bringing her to A&E every day but he refused to listen. The nurses shared the opinion that, under these instructions, we would need to attend every day as he was expecting her to drink far too much.

You know what happened next!

The very next day we duly attended at A&E, over twenty miles from home, as Hari had not drunk as much as Alan Emond demanded!

I explained the situation to the nurse who came to the desk and she duly bleeped Alan Emond.

When he answered the bleep the nurse explained that Hari had not drunk the required amount and he actually asked why we were there! The nurse explained again that he had told us to attend if Hari did not drink the amount he demanded.

Did he come down to A&E to see Hari?

He did not!

Did he send a lesser god to A&E to see Hari?

He did not!

He told the nurse that he didn't want to see her and that we needn't attend again regarding Hari's fluid intake!

No word of apology, no explanation...

no nothing!

Still - it kept us and the nurses laughing for some time!

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