Friday, April 10, 2009

Back To The Future Part Four : Greater Moral Conscience (GMC)

Just a note on today.

I've mentioned before that Saturday morning is for reading The Guardian Review. (One of my little pleasures in life!) I also read the main part of the Guardian and follow the 'Bad Science' column avidly - it's a hoot!

Today's 'Bad Science' focused on this week's reports of the survey of doctors which revealed fear and threats to employment if they do the right thing and blow the whistle. It even mentioned Stephen Bolsin, who famously blew the whistle which revealed the heart scandal in Bristol.

Interestingly 'Bad Science' also claimed that the General Medical Council (GMC) says doctors should blow the whistle or be struck off.

Now there's an idea!!!!!!!

But a different approach would be so much easier - no need for whistle blowing - no need for us to report anybody to the GMC (and a quick look at their website reveals that we have plenty of sound reasons to do so!) - all they have to do to avoid such time consuming and stressful encounters is to put right the wrongs they have done.

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