Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back To The Future Part Three - The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum!

Just sometimes you have to give due consideration to the fact that the lunatics have definitely taken over the asylum!

Throughout her life Hari has been repeatedly let down by the medical world. They have repeatedly ignored her needs and refused diagnosis of medical problems.

Over the last seven years we have repeatedly tried to get doctors to recognise a very real medical problem - all of them let her down - again!

When things came to a head two years ago, we were left with no option but to complain.

As a result of complaining we were targeted for bullying and harassment by people who are paid to put the interests of the patient first - clearly they are not doing the jobs they are paid to do!

It seems that the people who were supposed to help Hari were too busy to do so - after all, we now know they were extremely busy focusing on the non-existent needs of the 'sickest child in Britain' - who turned out not to be so sick after all!

Whilst Lisa Hayden Johnson was pulling the wool over their eyes, as she faked medical conditions in her son in order to claim benefits that she and her son were not entitled to receive, the same trust - University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust/ United Bristol Healthcare Trust was deliberately ignoring Hari's genuine medical needs.

Sometimes you just have to wonder what they pay these people for!!!!!!

We also wonder how they sleep at night!

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