Monday, April 13, 2009

Kicking Our Heels - But Maybe We Should Be Kicking Butts!

So there we were waiting patiently for the report from the Healthcare Commission. Expecting the report to be dispatched imminently.

Well that was silly wasn't it!

Every time we expect things to move forward somebody comes up with yet another delay.

The current stage is no exception!

Having been told that the independent medical opinion was expected two weeks ago and that as soon as it was received the Healthcare Commission would complete the report within ten days, we had expected to be in receipt of the report by now.

That was clearly expecting too much!

It seems that the latest development is for the Healthcare Commission to decide to ask UBHT/University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust to look for more information on their computers. So, having lost medical records and having eventually sent what information they had on computer to the HCC, they are being asked to look again - causing another delay.

At every delay in the process Hari is further denied appropriate and safe medical care and a diagnosis for the undiagnosed. Every delay is a risk to her health and well being. Every delay risks that the underlying undiagnosed condition could worsen further as, until we get the diagnosis, we cannot be sure that we are doing everything necessary to meet her needs in relation to this problem.

We have made our feelings on this matter known!

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