Monday, April 13, 2009

A Steep Learning Curve - Part Two.

As if the problems with the aforementioned group of nurses was not enough - I soon encountered another source of harassment.

Employed within the hospital was a 'medical social worker'. (See: 'A Blast From The Past!'.)
Initially she introduced herself to me on SCBU and said that she saw all mothers who had a baby on the unit. This was fair enough but it wasn't long before she kept harassing me on the unit and on the ward. Her constant appearances were driving me crazy and I had no idea why she refused to leave me alone. I even told her this and suggested that she should go and harass somebody else but her arrogant response was that she had no concerns about other mothers - only about me!

What concerns?

Well I soon found that out!

Apparently she had concerns because I had reportedly been picking my babies up by their necks!

I must immediately refute this allegation - it was totally untrue!

When I challenged this allegation she insisted that one of the nurses had made the original claim. My immediate response was to tell her to go and fetch the nurse in question so that we could sort this little matter out there and then. She never did come back with the nurse -

I wonder why?

Of course a record of such an allegation might prove useful to the health trust. Click back to 'Back To The Beginning' and remind yourself that the complications of the birth could have caused neck injuries to both babies. Think onwards - if as they grew and developed - any problems with regard to their necks became apparent - it would have been very useful for the trust to be able to focus on such an allegation instead of the risks and negligence associated with the birth.

So here was the first totally false and unfounded allegation against me; conveniently positioned to try and protect the trust from the negligence that had already occurred.

I was beginning to learn how things worked!

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