Monday, April 13, 2009

Intentional Idiopathy!

During the various hospital admissions at this time I took every opportunity to raise the issue of Hari's lack of growth. I was convinced that there was a medical reason for this, a medical reason that needed to be diagnosed and treated.

The responses were getting boring!

'It isn't worth investigating'

'It isn't a significant issue'

'You have to accept that she isn't going to grow'

And of course the repeated allegations and insinuations (false!) that I was responsible for her small size due to not feeding her enough!

The whole thing was infuriating - nobody was prepared to listen to my concerns or show any concern for Hari regarding this issue.

Some incidents were truly farcical.

Imagine the scene.......

The consultant, Peter Fleming, orders two junior doctors off the ward for daring to suggest a possible medical explanation for Hari's small size!

The same consultant, Peter Fleming, orders two junior doctors to alter Hari's medical records in order to remove their opinion on the medical reason for her small size!

Excuse me! Isn't that last point totally unprofessional and against all the rules?

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