Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why The Hip Failed To Provide The Required Emergency.

For some years now Hari's hip pain has been controlled by steroid injections. These generally last for about six months and are repeated, under anaesthetic at the Children's Hospital, when necessary.

We have been aware, for some time, that the pain associated with urinary problems, interferes with the length of time that the hip injections succeed for.

When Hari experiences pain from the urinary problems; pain that has not been controlled effectively due to lack of diagnosis and contra-indications with some painkillers, she naturally tries to make herself more comfortable in order to alleviate this pain. Unfortunately this results in her sitting position becoming unsuitable for her hip and the hip pain then returns earlier than expected - often moving rapidly from no hip pain to severe hip pain in a very short stretch of time.

During 2007 the times between injections being needed were reduced and interestingly, this coincided with the recommended use of a pre-prepared nutritional feed which had a higher level of sodium than the one which had previously been used.

Since stopping the use of pre-prepared nutritional feeds and paying close attention to Hari's sodium and potassium intake, in order to deal with the urinary problems and associated pain, we have realised an unexpected advantage.

The Hip pain has failed to return!

Obviously, as Hari has been free from the pain associated with the urinary problems, her self positioning has altered and this has been beneficial to the hip problem. Hari's hip was last injected in August 2007 and she has now gone over fourteen months with no hip pain whatsoever.

So - the emergency admission that Judith Armstrong, Modern Matron, had been relying on, simply failed to materialise.

What a shame!

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