Monday, April 13, 2009

A Convenient Discovery!

Well would you believe it!UBHT/University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust have actually found Hari's notes!

Now whilst it is a relief to know that they have not been sitting in a skip somewhere, it is also extremely annoying at this point in time as it has created yet another delay.

But we realise that this was 'their' intention!

Why else would the 'lost' notes suddenly reappear just in time to stop the Healthcare Commission from issuing their report?

It seems the Healthcare Commission cannot issue their report based in incomplete medical records if the records are now available.

We realise that UBHT/University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust are well aware of this fact.

Why are 'they' so determined to prevent the process from continuing?
What are 'they' trying to hide?

Of course we also realise that as the notes have been 'lost' for so long 'they' have had sufficient time to make any alterations and/or removals which 'they' might find beneficial to their stance.

'They' seem to forget that there is no way of hiding the FACT that Hari has an undiagnosed problem which 'they' have refused to investigate and diagnose! There is no way of hiding the FACT that 'they' could have investigated and diagnosed this problem over a year ago but that 'they' deliberately chose not to do so.

What kind of people behave in this way?

'They' also know something else.

'They' know that the Healthcare Commission is closing in a few weeks time and that now there is no time for the review and report to be completed before the closure.

As a result of this the file is being transferred to the Ombudsman and now it will take even longer to get any resolution - but 'they' knew that when' they' pulled this particularly nasty little trick!

It might seem that having the file transferred to the Ombudsman is a good thing (after all the Healthcare Commission has proved to be pretty damn useless!) but we already had more than enough evidence of wrongdoing by the Healthcare Commission to take the case on to the Ombudsman if we needed to - we just didn't want any more delays - for obvious reasons. For equally obvious reasons UBHT/University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust is keen to create as many delays as possible.

So- thanks to the very juvenile little games that have been played by UBHT/University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, the complaints processes of the last year have been a complete waste of time.

We have been patient throughout this - but not any more!

So now it's time we start to tell the whole story - go back to the beginning and list the whole series of mistakes and deliberate negligence and discrimination that we have encountered over the last twenty-five years and which we have been 'saving for later'.

We're not going to save anything for later any longer.

Hari And Her Dustbin Full Of Doctors is about to


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