Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Little Unscientific Vocabulary!

Time to move away from Alan Emond - we can always return t0 him later if necessary!

We seem to have rather a large number of doctors either crammed into the dustbin, or teetering on the rim, at this point.

So maybe it's time to mention a doctor who currently (to the best of our knowledge!) has no place in the dustbin.

We first encountered Julian Hamilton-Shield when he was a lowly lesser-god at the bottom of the **** pile. He comes across as a decent human being - from whom some of today's arrogant lesser (and senior) gods could learn a thing or two. It was noticeable on the wards that staff and parents were always relieved when the presence of a doctor arrived in the form of Julian. I can only explain this by stating that his attitude towards staff, parents and patients was without fault. There was never any random criticism from him and what he lacked in explanatory facts was compensated for by a perceived genuine level of concern for his work and a clear demonstration that his work and patients mattered to him.

On one occasion Hari was very unwell and we went to A&E at Bristol Children's Hospital. Before long we were called into an examination room by a man who introduced himself as Dr. 'whateverhisnamewas'. This 'doctor' stated that his colleague, Dr. Hamilton-Shield, would be with us shortly. Dr. 'whateverhisnamewas' proceeded to take a lengthy and detailed medical history - which I found somewhat worrying as Hari's condition was deteriorating rapidly. As she was so well known to the staff at the hospital it seemed that a brief history would have been more appropriate at this point, so that the vitally needed medical care could commence immediately. However, Dr. 'whateverhisnamewas' made no attempt to instigate any medical care and showed no concern at all for Hari's condition. This was despite the fact that I repeatedly pointed out to him that Hari's condition was worsening!

Eventually Julian arrived and Hari was called into another room. Immediately medical tests and treatments were instigated and the staff around her were efficient and responsive. Clearly THEY were aware of her deteriorating condition and acted upon this.

Dr. 'whateverhisnamewas' hovered in the background contributing nothing and generally getting in the way.

The reason for this soon became apparent.

Despite his arrogant self introduction as a doctor and his reference to Julian as a 'colleague', Dr. 'whateverhisnamewas' was not a doctor at all ! Dr. 'whateverhisnamewas' was a student! A student who had deliberately delayed treatment for a sick child so that he could practice taking medical histories!

He got his comeuppance - Julian was clearly not impressed with him getting in the way and unceremoniously told him to 'PISS OFF' !!!!!!

Give that man a medal!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

There is some hope in the system then, small as it maybe!