Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Little Miracle And A little More Bureaucracy.

It must be Christmas!

Apparently UBHT / University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust have finally photocopied Hari's notes and posted the copies to the Healthcare Commission today.

What took them so long?

However, as today is December 22nd, I do hope that they've sent them with a guaranteed next day delivery; risking the Christmas post without this would be rather silly. Further to this I do hope that they have sent them via some kind of secure, signed for, system - after all, this is Hari's entire medical history and I'm not sure it should be trusted to the postal system at all!

There is, of course, always a down side. According to the Information Access Department at the Healthcare Commission they did not receive our request for information, which was sent following our communications with Loraine Darcy. (See 'A Continuing Lack Of Openness'.)

Strange that; it was sent by e-mail and has not been returned to us as undelivered - probably floating around in the atmosphere somewhere - if anyone spots it do give it a nudge in the right direction!

So, we have had to repeat our request and as Ian Howe will not / can not send us further information that we asked him for, we have had to make yet another request to the Information Access Department - in order to ensure that the review is being based on accurate information from the trust.

Our experience so far shows that there is a high risk of information supplied by the trust being inaccurate so, in fairness to Hari, we need to be sure that any inaccuracies are pointed out to those conducting the review. But we must wait for bureaucratic wheels to turn slowly.

Once again policies and procedures are more important than the individual!

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BloomingPouf said...

What ????

The Healthcare Commission want to claim that they did not receive Electronic Documents by email?

OOOHHH naughty Naughty HCC.... The Case law on this is clear! It is the obligation of the HCC to have in place systems and procedures to ensure that their Spam Filters work correctly and that all Lawfully Sent correspondence is know to them!

... ooohhh I'm sure that Richard Thomas - Information Commissioner - could help them out on that one. He has some lovely published guidance on the issue.... as do the courts!

Naught, naughty, naughty.... I believe that they should all be made to stay after school and write out 1000 times "We Should Not Blame The Dumb Machines When We Have Not Done Our Jobs! We Are The Idiots and Not The Machines!"

Who has oversight of the HCC? This lot smacks of a need for Judicial Review!

January 8, 2009 3:03 PM
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