Friday, April 10, 2009

Forget The Shredded Wheat - Hari Eats Three Wheetabix!

Well actually she doesn't!

We have just realised that we have neglected to mention the wheetabix - how remiss of us!

You see when Hari was younger and a patient on the ward at the old building of the Children's Hospital, there were several breakfast incidents that were both annoying and hilarious in their total stupidity.

The scenario would always be the same.

I would arrive on the ward to find Hari covered in a disgusting film of mush which needed no scientific analysis to be identified as wheetabix and milk.

Now Hari was rather fond of wheetabix but there was a limit to how much of the stuff she would eat in one go - usually about half of one wheetabix.

But obviously as the mother I was wrong and didn't know what I was talking about!

The nurse had put three wheetabix in the bowl and so the feed chart was duly completed to read that Hari had eaten three wheetabix. The nurse, however, had neglected to note that two and a half wheetabix were smeared all over Hari, the bed, the chair, the floor, the tissues and whatever else had got in the way! Hari had only eaten half a wheetabix.

Now Hari was not a messy eater - it was just that whichever nurse was feeding her had not got the required knack and once Hari had eaten her half a wheetabix she simply spat out whatever else was shovelled into her mouth!

I did point out that the majority of the wheetabix had not been swallowed but was always told that Hari would eat more than I claimed - despite the evidence to the contrary - and that the entry on her feed chart was correct.

Well who was I to argue - after all as her mother I obviously knew nothing!

So there they were - reinforcing their own idiotic lies and illusions that I wasn't feeding Hari enough - but they didn't even have the sense to clean up the mess before I arrived in order to hide the evidence that proved them wrong!

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