Friday, April 10, 2009

Everyone Loves A Lab Rat!

Some people will never cease to amaze us!

We haven't asked for much. We've just asked for safe and appropriate health care and we've asked (repeatedly!) for the undiagnosed problem to be diagnosed, so that Hari can get the right health care associated with this problem.

In return what have we got?

Well we've had bullying, intimidation and harassment.

We've had our lives destroyed by people who should know better -

What we haven't had is health care or any genuine attempt to diagnose the undiagnosed.

So today the postman brought a large envelope.

The contents of the envelope were unbelievable.

They are actually asking Hari to take part in a research project regarding some medication she was prescribed for some time under paediatrics. The letter states that Hari's answers to the questions would be 'very valuable'.

Generally you could forgive the audacity of a computer for making this request - but the letter wasn't signed by a computer - it was signed by Liz Crowne.

So, in summary:

As a patient needing health care Hari is totally worthless to the NHS.

As a patient in need of a diagnosis Hari is totally worthless to the NHS.


The NHS has found a 'very valuable' use for Hari...............


We think that paints a fairly accurate picture of NHS attitudes to Hari and to disabled people in general.

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