Friday, April 10, 2009

Hari The Vampire Slayer!

We have been very quiet here - been busy - had snow (quite a shock here!) - had Christmas - not to mention the winter viruses - all keeping us away from updates - not that there has been much to report until now.

In the intervening period there was a series of e-mails exchanged between us and the Chief Exec of University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, Robert Woolley. Well he seemed to think that we shouldn't bother him and that our communication should be with the doctors - like we hadn't tried that! So we suggested that as he's the boss, our communication should be with him until things are resolved.

Eventually we were sent an outpatients appointment - naturally at the adult hospital - with the oracle Lightman and some guy (Probert) from gastro - more hoop jumping seemed to be the order of the day.

So last week we were contacted by the GP surgery with a request that they take bloods prior to the appointment so that the result would be available on the day.

Hari is familiar with Vampires - one of her favourite films being 'Van Helsing' !

We dutifully attended but could they get a blood sample? Could they hell! So off we went to the local hospital for the phlebotomists there to get the blood sample. Could they get a blood sample? Could they hell!

Sum of the experience .....

(GP surgery + THREE needles) + (Hospital + THREE needles) = NO blood sample!

We a-mailed the practice manager and Robert Woolley's PA to inform them of the outcome and suggested that alternative arrangements needed to be made. We had no feedback on any such arrangements.

So we arrived at the appointment to find a phlebotomist waiting for us - she managed to get the blood at the first attempt - but then she would wouldn't she - after all they had brought her in specially from the CHILDREN'S hospital!!!!!!!!!


And they REALLY think that they could cope with / manage Hari as an in patient in the adult hospital when they have to get somebody from paediatrics to do something so basic as take blood?

As for the rest of the appointment? Well we've heard it all before and we're still not holding our breath!

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