Friday, April 10, 2009

Nursery Pupil Hammers Medics!

It's just after 2.30 am and I'm up with Hari waiting for the latest glitch in the undiagnosed condition to subside.

When I say 'up' - I haven't just crawled out of bed - neither of us have got as far as bed yet tonight.

Earlier in the night - that would be yesterday evening, when Hari was beginning to moan about the pain my grandson, who is not quite four, announced to me rather sadly

"Sometimes I feel like that."

A little unsure of exactly what he meant by this I asked him what made him feel like that. His response was more than interesting:

"When I hurt I feel like that."

There had been no discussion about the reason for his Auntie Hari having a moan - he had sussed out the fact that it was pain all on his own.

So why is it that those who have spent years training for the medical profession (at great expense to public funds!) and are now such experienced experts, fail to see what a three year old in nursery school can work out for himself in minutes?

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