Friday, April 10, 2009

The Baum Years Part Three - To Pee Or Not To Pee!

Hari is something of a wind up merchant and people soon decided that she had no intention of giving the doctors an easy time! Just as soon as everything was trundling along peacefully she would throw something new at them.

So another new trick when she was first under David Baum's care was the dehydration game.

Without any obvious reason Hari would become dehydrated quite suddenly and would be admitted to hospital.

Tests would reveal a urine infection and before too long she would recover and return home - only to dehydrate and be re-admitted soon afterwards.

The hospital had an interesting explanation for this.

Naturally this explanation involved me neglecting Hari's needs!

Their explanation was that I was not giving her enough fluids, she would then dehydrate and this would lead to the urine infections.

In truth what was happening was that Hari was getting urine infections for a medical reason and was dehydrating as a result of the infections.

Eventually it turned out that Hari has a urinary tract reflux which causes the infections (urine is able to travel backwards from the bladder to the kidneys). Once diagnosed with this problem Hari was placed on a small daily dose of antibiotics to prevent the infections - sorted!

Naturally nobody has ever apologised for the attitudes that had resulted in more false allegations regarding my care of Hari, or for the fact that these false allegations had delayed the diagnosis.

David Baum did tell me that I should be grateful to Alan Emond for suggesting the possibility of the urinary tract reflux - but considering how arrogant and aggressive Alan Emond's accusations towards me had been, I had no intention of being grateful to him for anything - especially as he didn't have the strength of character to accept that his attitude was unacceptable or to apologise for it.

Well we have never asked for miracles - have we?

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