Friday, April 10, 2009


God is a woman and she's on our side!!!!!!!!

Just sometimes you get the perfect opportunity in life - and we believe that we are duty bound to enjoy it!

So yesterday I went into the GP surgery to collect the small syringes that we use to administer Hari's medications via her NG tube.

There was a strange looking man at the desk!

The receptionist passed the boxes of syringes to me and it transpired that the strange looking man at the desk was John Reid -remember him? The possibly psychic GP who sent a fax to Social Services/Adult Protection alleging that Hari was a vulnerable adult not attending appointments - when she had no appointments to attend. The possibility of him being psychic arises from the fact that a non-existent appointment was invented and entered into the hospital system to cover his and other backs when the deliberate mistake was pointed out.

But back to yesterday.

The possibly psychic John Reid gave me the perfect opportunity.

He looked at the boxes the receptionist was handing me and reading the text on the side announced 'oh - oral/enteral syringes'

'Just so I don't forget to feed her' I responded.

One of the reception staff interjected with her comments about how I wouldn't forget to feed her and I seized my chance......................

'Oh just ask the docs at the hospital - they'll swear blind that I don't feed her...........


we don't go to appointments she hasn't got!'

Said receptionist claimed she didn't know about that so, keeping my eyes fixed in the direction of the possibly psychic John Reid I swanned out of the door announcing.........

'But SOME people do'

And do you know - the man looked soooooooooo dense that I really think he didn't have a clue!

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