Friday, April 10, 2009

Lies, Lies and More Damned Lies!

Well we didn't say much about the GP's plan in the last but one post. (ROFLMAO Again and Again and Again!)

That was partly because it was too funny for words -

And partly because we weren't fooled for a moment - we knew it was a BIG FAT LIE!

You see said GP, Ash Yousef, phoned and announced that he was going to get to the bottom of the undiagnosed problem. He admitted that they have all let us down and that they had to put it right. So he was going to get Hari an urgent referral to a consultant who would investigate and diagnose the problem. Naturally he wasn't going to admit in the referral letter that they have all let us down - but we never have asked for miracles! He was going to say the we 'felt' we had been let down and ask for the undiagnosed problem to be investigated and diagnosed.

So - the first referral was refused by the consultant.

The second referral resulted in a phone call from a consultant's secretary to arrange an appointment.

Some of the things that were said during this call gave us cause for concern, so we e-mailed the practice manger and asked for a copy of the referral letter.

We were not surprised by the contents of the letter - it was not as promised.

It was a 16 line letter.

10 lines were spent deliberately misinterpreting my actions and laying all blame at my door.

Three lines were spent in pathetic deference to the 'expert' in gratitude for the possibility of an appointment.

Now that didn't leave many lines for Hari - heaven forbid that the patient should be important!

There was no medical history, no information about the undiagnosed problem and its symptoms, no useful information at all.

There was a computer print out that listed silly things like letters arriving at surgery from previous hospital appointments - with no detail included!

So - we e-mailed surgery and requested that it be made clear to the consultant that the referral was about the undiagnosed problem. The result was that the GP e-mailed the consultant adding a vague bit because 'the mother was not happy with the wording' - that's doctor speak for 'don't bother' !

So - we e-mailed the consultant - providing him with the detailed medical history that the GP had failed to provide.

On the allotted day we drove nearly 100 miles to the appointment. The only paperwork in the file was the medical history we had supplied. He hadn't even seen the referral letter!

At first he seemed very nice - wouldn't last for long! He got the referral letter faxed through and his attitude changed - he was impatient and clearly he'd decided that we were wasting his time.

He insisted that the undiagnosed problem was not his remit. When I tried to push this issue he insisted that he could tell from the blood tests he was doing whether or not the undiagnosed problem was endocrine in origin.

Oh I just can't resist it - after all it is panto season..............


Why do they all think it is acceptable to lie to us and fob us off - do they think we don't know when they're lying?

So he walked away and we wasted some more time with weights, measures and bloods before driving nearly 100 miles home again.

So much for the GP and his big fat lie of a plan!

But other things were happening and this week I had a phone conversation with another doctor.

For a while we had actually thought that this doctor was genuinely looking at what the undiagnosed problem might be. Ok - said doc had been going off at a bit of a tangent but it seemed as if the intention was genuine.............

Until the phone conversation this week!

During the conversation it transpired that said doc had never had any intention of looking at the undiagnosed problem - only at other issues, located somewhere along the strange tangent, which are not the issue, that ignore the undiagnosed and are obviously just intended to fob us off and shut us up - not a hope guys - we'll keep on keeping on until we get the diagnosis. Said doctor actually ended the call by telling us to have a good Christmas - not much hope of that under the circumstances!

What these two incidents do is to confirm what we already knew.................

that the diagnosis of the undiagnosed problem is being deliberately blocked.

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