Friday, April 10, 2009

Sleep Well Messrs. Clegg and Burstow!

Ignore the date that this post claims to have been made. It is Dec 1st 2011. Apparently tomorrow is 'Carers' Rights Day' - what rights?

My attention has been brought to a piece written by Paul Burstow in Lib Dem Voice. Take a look at how he sings the praises carers - it's all so false and meaningless!

So I decided to leave a comment - it may still be there when you read this - but then again they might just delete it as soon as they see it.

So I've copied it here for posterity!

'Oh Mr. Burstow the only person you are fooling is yourself! I e-mailed you about some of the horrendous issues surrounding the abuse, by authorities, of the mental capacity act - I just got bog standard responses that amounted to total lack of interest.

In October we were at Cheltenham Literature Festival and attended Nick Clegg's event. I asked him about the bullying and intimidation that carers are subjected to (through the abuse of the MCA, COP and safeguarding procedures) when they dare to complain or challenge authorities (NHS / SS /etc) when said authorities are wrong. Mr. Clegg jumped on that and publicly (on stage) said that he wanted to know about it. His 'people' took my contact details and I heard nothing. I chased it up by letter and got the bog standard total lack of interest response.

For the last 8 years I have desperately been trying to get a health issue my daughter has addressed. Problem is that because she is disabled doctors aren't interested. Eventually matters came to a head in 2008 and I was put in a position where I had no choice but to make a complaint within the NHS. In retaliation the NHS made false and malicious allegations against me to safeguarding and ever since then these people have been systematically bullying us and destroying our lives. The health issue is still undiagnosed - they feign interest and then do nothing. Their only interest is to try and cover their backs.

Why am I typing this at 1.25am? Because as my daughter's sole carer I am still up 'supervising' as she is not too well tonight. She is having a doze at the moment but when she wakes up soon I will deal with medication (including an injection), deal with personal care issues, get her into nice clean PJs, feed her, then 'supervise' some more - it's going to be a long long night for me whilst you and Mr. Clegg sleep on.

Carer's rights day? You may not have noticed but we don't have any rights! We are abused by every form of authority that exists.Tomorrow will pass us by and you will all continue to display a total lack of interest.

Sleep well - this carer was reported to safeguarding for daring to sleep - and when I do sleep these days I have nightmares because of all the bullying that I am being subjected to.'

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