Friday, April 10, 2009


Today is D-Day.

D for decision.

After Hari's glitch in the undiagnosed problem last week it is clear that the undiagnosed problem still exists - and is still at risk of getting worse. We are still in the same situation - no diagnosis, no real health care and no interest from any health care employee in resolving things.

What are we supposed to do?

Are we supposed to just sit back and wait in the hope that one of them will suddenly morph into a decent human being and do the right thing?

Or are we supposed to do nothing and just hope that the undiagnosed problem doesn't worsen so much that it kills her?

Neither of the above are acceptable options - although we realise that there are those who are hoping for option 2!

So today we have made a decision.

We have decided that enough is enough.

It appears that the only option open to us right now is to report all those concerned to their professional bodies.

In the interests of fairness we have e-mailed the practice manager at the GP surgery and the acting chief exec at the health trust to inform them of our decision. We have made it clear that if matters are not resolved urgently then the reports will be sent to the various professional bodies as soon as they are ready.

The e-mail to the practice manager resulted in the pious platitudes and 'I can't do anything' phone call. Apparently it is up to us to have a 'dialogue' on the matters - which rock has he been hiding under for the last few years!!!!!!!!!!

If nobody is going to morph into a decent human being, resolve the issues, stop withholding the diagnosis and restore Hari's health care, then we only have one point to consider in reporting all concerned to their professional bodies.

Do we prepare all the reports and submit them at the same time or do we submit each one as soon as it is prepared?

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