Friday, April 10, 2009

A Short Diversion In The Cheesecake Plan.

We had to put the cheesecake plan on hold.

Hari managed to have a bit of a glitch with the undiagnosed problem.

Obviously the dietary changes we made work well but it is all guesswork and without any access to medical care, without a diagnosis that would result in the condition being appropriately treated, without a diagnosis that would give us a better idea of the levels of potassium and sodium that are appropriate, there are inevitably going to be glitches.

So after a night of very little sleep, a lot of discomfort and pain and no urine being passed from midnight until after 7.30pm the following evening, Hari was really not up to cheesecake and eating it might not have been a great idea anyway.

We suspect that in her usual foodie mode Hari had eaten too much and that this had resulted in too high an intake of potassium. Hence the glitch.

With a little more guesswork, related to dietary intake, we seem to have overcome this glitch and all has returned to whatever normal might be. We'll still take things easy for a few days but hopefully we have got past this event and Hari will possibly be eating cheesecake at the weekend.

At least this has revealed that the underlying, undiagnosed problem is very much still in existence.

AND it was witnessed by a clinical employee of University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust.

Which makes us wonder all the more why THEY still refuse to investigate and diagnose it.

Hari would like to know exactly what it is she's done to deserve this treatment - or lack of it!

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