Friday, April 10, 2009

Doppelganger debates!

Well there we were today - Hari and I chilling and shopping and the sun even made an appearance.

We headed into a cafe for something to eat (don't tell the docs that I feed her - you'll get me shot!) and headed for a table that three women were just vacating. Handy table for tucking Hari's chair out of the way so people don't bump into her, things don't get spilt on her and she can't stick her feet out to trip people up; I have told her there's easier ways to get a man but she won't listen!!!!!

Anyway, I did the whole being nice thing to the three women who were leaving and as I was at the counter collecting our goodies I spotted the same three women outside - suddenly it dawned on me that one of them bore a close resemblance to Judith Armstrong, modern matron, - you know - the bin emptier who went off to work at Great Ormond Street.

This realisation led to a bit of banter with another customer at the counter as I ummed and ahhed about whether or not it was the said Judith Armstrong. We noted that she was standing in the middle of the road and amused ourselves with the thought that somebody might run her over! I still wasn't convinced it was her but commented that if she came back that way I might spot her and then I'd know - and that if it was her then I might feel inclined to run outside and kick her - much to amusement of a man at a nearby table who found our banter highly amusing!

I didn't look out for the return of Judith Armstrong (or her doppelganger) - there are more important things in life and the most pressing one was Hari devouring her tiramisu. So we ignored the street and its inhabitants as they passed by and ate our food.

After eating I stepped outside for a smoke - as you do - and then noticed the woman walking back around the corner.

Was it her?

It was!

The whole point is that if I'd recognised her in the first place, as she and her companions were vacating their table, I wouldn't have been so damn nice - indeed I wouldn't have been nice at all!

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