Friday, April 10, 2009

The receptionists from hell!

The NHS is clearly falling apart!

And why?

Well the fact that a doctor's receptionist feels entitled to assess the intelligence and ability of physically disabled patients might just be a clue!

Said receptionist told me that as she had a disabled sister she 'knew all about it' and then assumed that she was entitled to judge Hari's intelligence and ability based on her physical disability and small size. Obviously she was not entitled to do so but her sooooooooo superior attitude in this was both insulting and discriminatory.

Beware if you are disabled - a receptionist who once stubbed her toe might feel qualified to judge you, your ability and your intelligence!

There was another receptionist - she decided to hold the door open so that the whole waiting room could hear whilst she shouted at me !

This pair would be better employed at the end of the dole queue!

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