Friday, April 10, 2009

Fiendish Food Thief Mugs The Mother!

Oh heavens we're back on the subject of food again!

But it's true! I suffered an attempted mugging by a certain fiendish food thief - who shall not remain nameless!

There we were, Hari and I, sitting in the sun at one of our favourite haunts, when the mugger struck.

I had already fed Hari and was about to eat my rather tasty smoked salmon sarnie when the dramatic events began to unfold.

The unwitting accomplice of the mugger arrived in the shape of an acquaintance who stopped to chat. As a result of this I was suitably distracted from my sarnie.

Suddenly the fiendish food thief struck - the plate clattered on the table and the delicious sarnie was in imminent danger of removal.

No - it wasn't a gull - it was HARI !

Tempted by the sight of the smoked salmon trailing around the edge of the chunky bread she was determined to delight herself by stealing my lunch! The fact that she had already eaten much more than she could easily manage, and thus was already 'stuffed to the gills', was no deterrent to her evil deed - Hari is rather fond of smoked salmon and is a girl who knows exactly what she wants - and intends to get it!

But I was too quick for her! I reached out in defence of my lunch and managed to snatch my sarnie back from the perils it faced. Once the sarnie was safe there was still the fact that my mugger was now armed - with the knife that had been on the plate! A few speedy defensive actions later I was in possession of the weapon and the errant criminal was soundly defeated!

How she thought for one moment that she could manage to eat my sarnie, on top of what she had already eaten, is a mind boggling puzzle - but maybe we shouldn't debate that here - after all we don't want to confuse the doctors who are convinced that I don't feed her at all - they really couldn't cope with having their opinions challenged!

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susan said...

Hari is an intelligent girl who obviously knows what she wants and how to get it!!