Friday, April 10, 2009

Genetic Factors.


The subject is FOOD again!!!

We're quietly recovering from a weekend BBQ at a friend's house - and believe me BBQs, parties etc. at that house require some recovery! By usual standards we left early - hitting the road shortly after midnight - others continued to 5 and even 6 am!

Hari was not on top form but still managed to consume a reasonable amount of birthday cake - we shall say nothing about her sister stealing the cherries off other slices!

Then there were the antics of my grandson (Hari's nephew) who at aged 3 kept us all entertained - not least with his capacity for food. There was barely a moment when he wasn't eating something - burgers, crisps, marshmallows etc. (All the things he doesn't get at home where food is more healthy than the average BBQ!) and there were numerous comments that his family could be identified by his bottomless pit of an appetite!

My only response to such comments was that it is clearly genetic - friends agreed vehemently with this - they know just how much we can all eat - and that includes Hari !

I managed to attack the food on offer diligently - burgers, cold meats, salads, Birthday cake etc. Later on - probably about 11.30pm - I discovered the hot dogs! Now I haven't had a hot dog in years - or I hadn't until late on Saturday night - so I indulged in the whole unhealthy works - white bread, hot dog sausage, onions and mustard - YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wasn't quick enough though - I was swiftly spotted and the genetic effects on appetite became central to the conversation again.

I have demanded that such comments are provided in writing so I can wave them under the noses of all those doctors who have foolishly convinced themselves that I don't feed Hari at all. Of course I feed her - and she also has the genes that enable us, as a family, to eat for England and not be referred to the obesity clinic.

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