Friday, April 10, 2009

The Great Tiramisu Challenge!

Now then folks - Hari can eat three quarters of a family size Tiramisu in one sitting - can you rise to challenge and do better?

Hold on a moment! Hari is smaller than you and all things being relative you should be able to eat more in order to equal her achievement.

Looking at the size of Hari and the size of the average adult you should be able to eat THREE family size Tiramisus (what is the plural 0f Tiramisu?) in order to equal Hari's achievement!

So to take up the Great Tiramisu Challenge - head off to your local supermarket and locate the chiller cabinet that holds the fresh puddings. There you should find an oblong family size Tiramisu (500g) - buy three.

Take your three Tiramisu home, or to the park, or to the top of Cader Idris if the mood takes you and proceed to eat them all in one sitting - no breaks - just keep eating until you can eat no more - if you can eat all three (and scrape the containers clean!) then you have equalled Hari's achievement and may reward yourself with a celebration Tiramisu.


Couldn't face another Tiramisu?

Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!

If, however, you can not eat all three of the Tiramisus then you need some serious training and should commence regular Tiramisu eating immediately!

Please note that you take part in this challenge at your own risk and we take no responsibility for any adverse effects.

Should you end up in the obesity clinic as a result of this challenge then you have our sympathy - perish the though of all those damned doctors!!!!!!

Finally please be aware that your Tiramisu may contain alcohol - do check the amount and avoid driving immediately afterwards!

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