Friday, April 10, 2009

Nag, nag, nag, nag!

Oh they must be soooooooo desperate!

There's been a bit of a saga over the wheelchair - it's rumbled on for some time now (that could probably apply to the saga and the wheelchair itself !) - but progress was being made - if slowly.

It is really important to get the new wheelchair right - we found out what happens when it's wrong and the results were horrendous for Hari. We don't want a repeat of that so have carefully researched what was available, identified a chair that is the most suitable for Hari, had it professionally assessed, borrowed it for a long weekend to see how Hari got on with it etc.

All this took time and then we had to wait for the suppliers to look at some technical stuff. We waited patiently. However, North Somerset PCT weren't so patient and were getting a bit naggy and nasty about it

Then we discovered that the suppliers had fallen out with the manufacturers and were no longer supplying the chair! (Although they failed to tell us about it!)


OK. So off we went on our mission, and identified another company that supplies the chair. Unfortunately they don't cover our area but they were really helpful and have found a company in our region who will act as the local supplier and take on the maintenance. Mission accomplished!

However, all this took too long for the likings of North Somerset PCT and North Somerset Safeguarding dept. (Though what a wheelchair has got to to with safeguarding /social services is totally unknown to us!) Although they had been told that the delay was beyond our control they decided to get even nastier. Instead of the polite and intelligent response you would expect - you know something along the lines of : 'Oh that's a shame about the delay - have you got any idea how long it will take now?' - what we got was a letter from the North Somerset PCT and the North Somerset safeguarding manager threatening us with the Court of Protection !

And they pay these people??????????????????

Anyway - just six days before we were due to go on our hols we finally got a phone call with all the new company info we needed. We sent the information to the PCT and buggared off on our holiday - leaving them to it!

When we got back there was a letter waiting saying that they would be in touch.

That was nearly three weeks ago - so nearly five weeks since we gave them the information - and we haven't heard another word - maybe they should drag themselves off to the Court of Protection because they're the ones taking too long now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. We had a great holiday - no e-mails, no phone, no letter box, no harassment, no PCT, no social services safeguarding, no doctors - BLISS! Damn shame is that we had to come home!

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