Friday, April 10, 2009


Last week we were briefly in the company of one Sally Davies - Chief Medical Officer for the Dept. of Health. Remember that job title - apparently it' very important!

I decided to take the opportunity to ask her if the transfer away from paediatrics to adult hospitals, based on policy rather than patient need, was a national policy.

Now, I knew that she was in a hurry to get away to another engagement but took the opportunity to walk with her as she left and ask this simple question that just requires a simple yes or no answer - simple enough - not so!

The answer I got was an irate - 'I don't know'.

You would have thought somebody who is obviously paid good money to be Chief Medical Officer (remember that job title - apparently it is very important!) would know the answer to a question on policy but instead of being shocked and/or rude I just politely said '0h well - I just thought that in your post as... you would know'.

The dots in my response represent the fact that I committed a cardinal sin - I got her job title wrong - and believe me she was not amused! Her response to this was far more informative and vociferous than her answer to my important question.

So, the Chief Medical Officer (remember that job title - apparently it's very important!) doesn't know (or maybe she doesn't care) about policies that effect patient care - but she cares deeply about the specifics of her job title - and if you get it wrong she will let you know about it!

But, as ever, God is obviously a woman and she's on our side! As Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer (remember that job title - apparently it's very important!), walked away - she walked head first into a high metal post supporting the walkway roof - and that my friends is...

INSTANT KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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