Friday, April 10, 2009

A Damned Good Reason To Eat Cheesecake!

We are entitled to a party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cast your mind back to some older posts in this blog and the issue of Hari's hip pain.

I will remind you of the basic details.

Hari's hip pain was always dealt with by injections at approximately six monthly intervals. When the effects wore off and the pain returned she would be seen as a day case for the injection to be repeated.

We were aware that the undiagnosed problem contributed to the worsening of the hip pain - Hari would change her sitting position to alleviate the pain from the undiagnosed problem but this would mean she was not sitting correctly for her hip and the hip pain would return.

Since changing Hari's diet, which relieved the pain from the undiagnosed problem, the hip pain failed to return - no doubt much to the disgust of various people in University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust (but especially Judith Armstrong - Modern Matron) who were depending on the hip problem to generate an emergency admission.

When Judith Armstrong wrote that letter stating that the hip pain was expected to result in an emergency admission she was probably hoping that this would occur within about three months. We are all too aware of what their further plans were had an emergency admission occurred.

How sad that her hopes were dashed!

Tomorrow will be August 31st 2010 - THREE YEARS since Hari last had any problems with hip pain - THREE YEARS since her last hip injection - THREE YEARS and NO sign of any further hip pain.

So would THEY like to explain exactly how the change in Hari's diet has produced such unexpected results?

Would THEY like to acknowledge how wrong THEY have been?

Would THEY like to retract their ludicrous statements that Hari's symptoms of the undiagnosed problem weren't possible?

Would THEY like to apologise for the way THEY have treated Hari? (Or not treated her as the case may be!!!!!)

Would THEY like to apologise for the way THEY have treated me?

Would THEY like to finally do the right thing and tell us what the diagnosis for the undiagnosed condition is - we are sure that THEY know what it is!

Whatever THEY might like to do - we feel we have cause to celebrate the fact that, whilst this extra beneficial effect was entirely accidental, Hari has had THREE YEARS with no problems or pain connected with her hip. Rather longer than the three months THEY might have been planning for!

So whilst THEY might (and should) be crying into their polystyrene coffee cups, in shame and embarrassment, at how they have let Hari down and look rather foolish as the planned emergency admission never materialised - WE shall be celebrating - I suspect that cheesecake might be on the menu tomorrow!

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